Deanna Lam / Whether

Many people use a weather app to answer one simple question: do I need a jacket?

Whether is tailored to meet the individual needs of each user—the app learns users' sensitivities to the weather and can be adjusted for specific ideal conditions. While many weather apps are visually-overburdened with information, Whether condenses weather data into a minimalistic forecast, allowing the user to pick and choose which pieces of information to display.

This is a selfish project

I wanted an app that would interpret weather data so I could save the seven seconds it would take me to open my weather app, read it, and make a conclusion myself. My research began with a survey of weather app usage and habits.

Out of the 47 survey participants, 62% of weather app users cited clothing or outerwear as a reason for checking the weather. The survey also identified the types of weather data that were most useful to weather app users.