Deanna Lam / Tai Pei Frozen Foods

Tai Pei is a line of Asian-style entrees introduced by VIP foods. The brand's vision is grounded in the idea that people should be able to enjoy the experience of Chinese food right at home. After launching a new packaging design, VIP Foods was looking to extend Tai Pei's brand relevance to young millennials.

As the Art Director for the Bruin Advertising & Marketing Team, I developed Tai Pei's overall brand aesthetic, directed photoshoots and prop styling, and led a team of 6 designers to produce creative executions and page layouts.

Our creative strategy focused on their hustle—their plight to make their dreams come true, even when pressed for time in their daily grind. With this in mind, we personified their ambition in a satirical spokesperson, DJ PeiDay, a humorous reflection of millennials' own fast-paced lifestyles, endless passion, and entrepreneurial spirits.

"Hustle Shouldn't Leave You Hungry" capitalizes on millennials' hunger for success without the cost constraints. Our design approach emphasized simplicity and elegance, using clean lines to convey a sleek and modern aesthetic. Taking inspiration from Tai Pei's slogan Good Fortune in Every Box, we drew from the intricate design of red envelopes to create a brand image rooted in authenticity.