Deanna Lam / ATTN:

ATTN: is a media company with the mission of empowering young audiences by delivering meaningful, issues-driven content.

In the summer of 2016, I was an in-house designer, working on a wide range of projects from art direction & branding to video content to web design.

As a mobile-first company, videos produced by the in-house studio team were originally posted exclusively to Facebook while articles written by the editorial staff were hosted on the ATTN: website.

The rapidly-growing audience base created a need for an index of all content, not just written articles. People needed an easy method for watching, discovering, and searching for ATTN: videos—scrolling down the Facebook page didn't count.

My team was responsible for redesigning the homepage to incorporate the addition of videos to the website, as well as a Videos page to index all ATTN: videos. My role was to create high-fidelity mockups for the two pages and propose an appropriate design solution for cataloging ATTN: videos.

To accomodate the various classifications for video content and increase search & discovery capabilities, I proposed sorting options throughout the website. that accomodated the various classifications for video content.

Different video formats (videos produced in a specific style, i.e. animated, documentary, talk, etc) resonate with different people—organizing the Videos page by format caters to viewers interested in a particular production style. Adding the option to "Sort by Topic" allows users to view videos with similar themes in their favorite video format.

While at ATTN:, we released educational videos to spread information to young voters during the 2016 Presidential Election. I created lettering and typographic designs for an animated video about the Electoral College.

2.2M Views / 6.9K Likes / 19.5K Shares

Throughout the election, ATTN: partnered with celebrities & public figures to urge young adults to register to vote.

In the video series, ATTN: partners spoke about their own personal experiences and reasons behind voting. The '3 Minutes' campaign revolved around the idea that significant change can be made even in a small amount of time as registering to vote takes less than 3 minutes. I created motion graphic mockups for the series logo.